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Beginning my journey to use social media positively and productively

Welcome! As with all new blogs the first entry is somewhat daunting and stressful to begin but here we are. This blog has been in the works for a few months now but I wanted to really have a vision before making it public so I could effectively share my story with you all.

In a nutshell, this blog will be about my personal journey to cut the negative impacts of social media from my life and learn to not only be less addicted to social media but to use it in a positive and productive manner as well. This journey started just over two months ago and has been interesting to say the very least.

A brief outline of this blog post and a few future blog posts to come so you know what to expect:

  1. Beginning my journey to use social media more positively and productively, the beginning of my social media detox experiment.
  2. Personal Kanban: How using a personal kanban changed my life and productivity, and how it can change yours.
  3. RescueTime: A look at productivity pre- and post-social media detox.
  4. Quantified Self (QS): A look into my discovery of QS and my first year of using QS to positively influence my habits.
  5. Positivity: Acknowledging the negative effects of social media and actively avoiding them.

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