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On nothing in particular

So needless to say things have been too hectic to write again. I took another trip to Virginia, this time for four days, and while I got a bunch of art done there I didn’t have much time for blogging. Work is busy in general and in addition to that I am training the two people who will be replacing me when I leave. I used to research and write blog posts during small incubation periods at work and on lunch, but it hasn’t been possible lately. Normally, if I didn’t have time to write at work I would write at home but most of my time (outside of applying for jobs) has been spent making art (Life Book and otherwise) and doing something much less fun: searching for a missing journal.

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On Life Book 2015 (and lack of posts the past week)

Welp, my post on burning out came at the perfect time. I haven’t completely burnt out, but life did get a lot more hectic since the last post. I’ve been pretty stressed out about life stuff and finding a new job, so I took a tiny blog hiatus and more importantly an impromptu trip to Virginia the day after my last post, and boy did it help! The following photo perfectly sums up my mini-vacation (hanging out with vegans rules because you get to eat their free ice cream dessert at lunch).

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Having a glorious time in Virginia.

This trip was a milestone for me because I didn’t get my license until I was 27 years old and it’s the furthest I’ve ever driven (~2.5-3 hours). I made the trip by myself and it was a really relaxing, beautiful drive. I made the most of it by listening to Audible for half the ride, and Spotify for the other. Sidenote: I’ve just finished the Wool book series and it is AMAZING if you’re into sci-fi. Unfortunately, it took a grand total of four hours back at work last Monday for my blood pressure to go bonkers again. The rest of the week didn’t prove to be any easier and I can’t get into details but work is likely going to be fairly insane for a few weeks and possibly until I leave.

In addition to the work craziness, I recently took over as organizer for the Philadelphia Self Quantifiers meetup group. I am really excited to take over and try to make the group meet more often, but it is pretty time consuming learning the ins-and-outs of running and group and trying to find presenters, etc (speaking of: If you’re into QS and have something cool to present shoot me an email!). All of the above has made my afformentioned mini-research project using the data from Curalate difficult to work on, but I am still reading articles and compiling data here and there when I can. Things are crazy, but hopefully I can balance it out and stay positive and productive in spite of it all.

SPEAKING OF… one of the main things that has been keeping me sane/positive/etc since the beginning of the year is the real star of this post: Life Book 2015. I’ve mentioned this in passing here a few times, and if you follow me on any social media, you’ve seen me posting my Life Book pages and progress photos, but I wanted to touch on this more extensively here.

What is Life Book 2015?

Life Book is a year long mixed media art class organized by the wonderful and talented Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts. It’s an online course taught by Tam and 25 other really talented art teachers. Each week a new video (or videos) is uploaded, most of the time but not always with an accompanying supplemental PDF. Life Book consists of 34 main lessons and 18 bonus activities. At the end of the year Tam teaches you how to bind your Life Book pages into a book, hence the book part. Life Book (and Tam herself) really focuses a lot on the celebration of self, be it self love, self forgiveness, etc. This is something I can definitely use in my life.

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