On nothing in particular

So needless to say things have been too hectic to write again. I took another trip to Virginia, this time for four days, and while I got a bunch of art done there I didn’t have much time for blogging. Work is busy in general and in addition to that I am training the two people who will be replacing me when I leave. I used to research and write blog posts during small incubation periods at work and on lunch, but it hasn’t been possible lately. Normally, if I didn’t have time to write at work I would write at home but most of my time (outside of applying for jobs) has been spent making art (Life Book and otherwise) and doing something much less fun: searching for a missing journal.

As I’ve written about before, I am an avid journaler and write every day. In addition to my long hand journal, I have an “Accomplishments + Gratitude” Journal, and a planner/idea/sketch journal (this also houses all of my circus progress notes etc) that I have on my person at almost all times. At some point in the past twelve days my planner journal disappeared. I last remember having it at work, copying some circus drawings onto a piece of paper. I don’t recall seeing it after that day. It’s definitely not at work, and when I put these journals into my bag I bury them at the bottom to make sure they can’t fall out so I know that didn’t happen. I’ve torn my room and car apart, torn apart my desk at work, and it’s nowhere to be found.

Fortunately my name, email address, and phone number are in the front of the book, so if it happens to be found it will hopefully be returned (there’s nothing of interest to anyone else in it that would make them keep it). The fact that no one has called makes me believe it’s somewhere super random or that I threw it away by mistake somehow. I really hope it isn’t the latter but am starting to believe it may be and I’m really really sad about it.

So, in addition to everything else, searching for said journal has consumed a lot of my already dwindling free time. Now I’m working on reading material for a post “On Letting Go,” I guess. I know it’s not the end of the world, and losing a regular journal would be worse, so I’m trying to focus on those things and just get over it.

Otherwise, I’m hoping I can get back to posting more regularly soon but applying for jobs is taking priority right now and I’ve found that finding a job is a full time job! It’s exhausting, discouraging at times, intimidating because I’m moving into a new field, etc. But I know I have the skills to succeed so I just have to keep pushing until someone interviews me and sees my potential.

It’s another snow day today so I’m off to find a creative way to hit my Fitbit step goal and to try to figure out how to use gold leaf. Speaking of Fitbit: I am actually working on a post listing places you can get your steps done indoors, including mileages, etc! The snow today is messing up my post research but I am hoping to have part one of this series up by the middle of next week (I am going to the Art Museum after work on Wednesday to clock the steps there!). Really excited to share this series, and I hope others can benefit from it as well.

Now I’m off to see if I can figure out this dang gold leaf… so far I have learned that it’s a total bitch to work with! I hope you all are staying warm and making the most of these snow days (if you have them where you live, that is).


About tamarahala

Tamara is currently living in Pennsylvania working as a Scheduling Coordinator/Payroll Supervisor with Live Nation Entertainment. Looking for fun short-term opportunities during the off season from November to March.

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