ART-ing all over the place.

My blogging brain has been empty lately. When it does work, I have been helping a friend launch a website and working on editing his blog. It is exciting to help a friend, but it’s a lot more work than I expected and I was sad the other day when I realized how much time and effort I was putting into his blog while neglecting my own. So here we are.

In more positive news, while my blogging brain is empty, my art brain is BURSTING. And it’s about time! Details and some recent art photos are after the cut.

I had a sort of meh week last week but I think sometimes you just need to let yourself feel the suck and push your way through it to find good things on the other side. The good thing this time was the increase in thoughts/emotions/suckage igniting my art brain. I spent approximately 8 hours Friday catching up on Life Book 2015 lessons and watching tons of videos over at Juliette Crane’s website. I’ve been very inspired by both Juliette’s work and by Flora Bowley‘s Life Book Lessons on “Brave Intuitive Painting” as well. They both have a somewhat messy style that produces really beautiful, abstract backgrounds for paintings. Juliette’s work also features really interesting and sometimes abstract characters (owls, cats, foxes, etc etc), I haven’t tried to make any yet but plan to soon.

Some of my recent work inspired by Flora and Juliette:

Abstract art inspired by Juliette Crane

Abstract Art Backgrounds inspired by Juliette Crane

Abstract Art Background inspired by Flora Bowley

Abstract Art Background in sketchbook. Inspired by Flora Bowley.

Abstract Art Background inspired by Flora Bowley

Abstract Art Background in sketchbook. Inspired by Flora Bowley.

Abstract Art Background inspired by Flora Bowley

Abstract Art Background in sketchbook. Inspired by Flora Bowley.

I am really excited to keep exploring these techniques. The next step is to get brave enough to start painting OVER the backgrounds and using them as actual backgrounds. I keep being too nervous to “ruin” them once I like them. I need to get over that ASAP! I’m looking forward to creating more work, finding my personal style, and sharing art with you guys along the way.

Unrelated to art: I’ve been struggling with whether I want to keep this a mostly informative blog about positivity/productivity/whatever and put more personal things elsewhere, or if they should be melded into one space. I haven’t decided. I do write about a lot of goals and things here but I feel like they’re relevant to the material I planned to write about. Friends tell me I have really funny/zany/weird stories and I should be sharing them somewhere, but this doesn’t really feel like the right venue for that. I’m going to keep ruminating on it until I come up with a decision.

I am hoping my blog brain comes back online soon so I can FINALLY fill you guys in on QS15 and my trips to San Francisco and Mexico. Fingers crossed.

Links from post:

  1. Life Book 2015
  2. Juliette Crane’s art videos
  3. Flora Bowley

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  1. Violet of Violet's Veg*n e-comics says :

    I love these pictures!! They are so gorgeous! Beautiful.


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