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One month at Green String Institute down, two to go!

Whoa it’s been a while! I have been writing up blogs this whole time, but we have very limited Wifi on the farm and it won’t connect to my laptop so they are trapped there for a little while. In the meantime, I bucked up and decided to write something from my phone. Apparently my last entry somehow got cleared so the TL;DR is that I am currently an intern at Green String Farm in Petaluma, California as part of their Green String Institute program. I have a blog post with details on what we do/our typical day/etc that should be posted soon :).

I wanted to litter this post with images, but limited time and data/control of wordpress from my phone is killing that idea. In the meantime, general photos can be found HERE and photos from all of our communal intern meals can be found HERE. Both are usually about a week behind.

For now, thoughts one month in! All quotes within this post are from Bob (Cannard, the leader of GSF and our teacher at GSI).

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