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On How I Research and Draft Posts

I recently realized I’ve spent more time collecting references than I have writing actual blog posts. I’m okay with that because I am still actively working on the blog even if posts aren’t going up every day (and I also decided I’m ok with that, every day seemed really tedious and overwhelming not just to me but also to readers). As I said in the last post, one of my goals with this blog is for it to be at least somewhat informative and to try to incorporate links/references whenever possible. Why informative? Primarily because I’d rather use this blog as a resource than a place to ramble about my life. Secondarily, because my personal life is pretty boring these days, and besides my desperate job hunt and recent relationship/subsequent breakup, I don’t really have much going on.

And so here I am, reading tons of articles on topics I’ve been meaning to look up for a long time, and some new subjects. This is proving to be both an arduous and interesting process. As of today I’ve logged ninety-one articles for referencing here. This process includes reading, highlighting, tagging, and making notes for each article before deciding which blog post or posts I’d like to use it in (or sometimes, an article will lead to a new blog post draft). While planning other posts (On Sleep Habits, On Productivity, On Breaking Up, On Self Betterment, On Morning Rituals, On The Miracle Morning, On Mental Illness, On Goal Setting, On Effective Personal Organization, and a bunch more), I decided it may be interesting and maybe useful to share how I am researching and drafting.

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On Blogging (how meta)

So I’m blogging again. As I’ve mentioned several times it’s weird to be back at it after a several years hiatus, but here I am and so far so good. A sidenote: If you’re coming here from Facebook, I don’t intend to post about every blog post, especially if they end up being frequent, so be sure to check back even if you don’t see a post on Facebook about it!

So what is this blog all about anyway? I don’t really know. It started as a productivity/positivity project. It’s still going to be that in some ways, but it isn’t going to be just about that. I don’t know what this blog will turn into yet. I do know that to some degree it will be personal, and I am hoping to share my personal organization and self betterment tools and ideas. I also hope to have some how-tos, updates on art I’m making, opinions on books and articles, helpful tips/hints, etc. I obviously don’t have a concrete idea of where this is going, but I guess that’s the fun of it?

That said, I got a lot of positive feedback on the very first post on this blog (I walked into Christmas and my awesome Uncle Larry said “Hey I LOVE your blog!” to my surprise.) I need to point out to those who haven’t noticed that that post is over a year old, written originally in October 2013. I read the post again for the first time in a long time the other day and was surprised. “Did I really write that?” I wondered. It’s not so bad, and the ideas and the plan are good. I’m sad I didn’t follow through with the blog back then, but I learned a valuable lesson (do not launch projects before you’re ready). What happened there was that I was interviewed by my friends over at The Action Mill for their project Death and Design (read the interview here), and because I knew I was going to get some exposure I wanted a blog for people to go to when they read the article. This led to me pushing my launch date up by several months, and ultimately to me getting too overwhelmed and not only losing track of the project and failing to continue it, but also losing the good habits I had built up in the process. Again: Don’t start projects before you’re ready to (but in that same token: don’t put things off because you’re intimidated or scared to start).

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