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Progress Report: On Fitness, Cooking, Reading, and Writing

So it’s been a while again. Life is still hectic. Finding a job is still top priority. It’s really stressful and exhausting, moreso because my official last day here is May 31st. I’m happy to have a light at the end of the tunnel, but the pressure is on! I am a bit behind, but I am still collecting articles and information to bring the blog back to life soon!

First order of business: I recently saw a great influx in traffic. I was baffled until I noticed that mentioned my RescueTime post on a recent blog post of theirs! This is so awesome and I am really amped about it. I am still trying to get a handle on being the organizer of The Philadelphia Quantified Selfers meetup group, another thing that is sort of on the back burner while I job hunt, but I am excited to start finding presenters and organizing meetings as soon as possible.

Secondly, Some life updates: I have actually debated writing some more personal posts during my 12 day writing hiatus, but I am still trying to figure out how much I’d like to write about here. I used to be someone who wrote constantly and revealed a lot about my personal life, but in the last few years I have shied away from that type of writing. It may happen eventually, but for now I am hesitant (probably a big part of that is because I am job hunting and feel weird about potential employers knowing the ins-and-outs of my everyday life). For now I’ll do a small progress report for the month of February.

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On Planning Meals to Eat Healthier

So far 2015 has been pretty unproductive and a total “fail” as far as new healthy beginnings go. This isn’t surprising because I didn’t really hammer out my goals before the year started. I have a long list of things I want to achieve but I didn’t make a real “game plan” and I’m someone who really needs a plan to succeed. I’m not beating myself up, though. It’s nice to start new habits at the very beginning of the year but if I start a few weeks late with a plan for success, then it’s better late than never. I’ve heard the quote “Focus on progress, not perfection” several places recently, and I am trying to remind myself of it often.  

The biggest thing I definitely need/want to work on before anything else is cooking meals for myself, both for health and money reasons. I had gotten on a roll with this in mid-November but then Thanksgiving, new house changes, weddings, and holidays came and blew me out of the water. I’m baby stepping my way towards plans for goals and this is my current step. I was really inspired to start cooking again and get healthy when I saw this article The Anti-Detox Diet posted by my friend Kelly.  My plans for how to keep up with cooking and eating healthy are below.

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