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On trying so damn hard not to burn out

This is actually an unscheduled post brought on by actual current life ongoings. Posts don’t always happen in the order I place them in, but most of the things I want to write about have been outlined or have drafts already partially written and so they don’t generally happen in real time. I could draft this and post it later but it’s so fresh I decided I want to post it now. I am considering this post a sort of progress report of sorts and planning on making these every so often to keep track of how things are going and also to create a method of accountability for myself.

On My Previously Mentioned Goals for 2015

There are a bunch of different things I am trying to work on at once. It seems like the list of improvements I’d like to make (and ways I’d like to make them) increases more and more each day. Part of this is that I am so proud of myself for the changes I HAVE made that I find it addicting and want to make more and more positive changes. But, as my therapist pointed out last week, I am going to burn myself out if I keep it up. I knew this, and think I even mentioned it before, but I tend to get so caught up that I forget the logical things I already know.

I have also been drafting a post on successful goal-making and turning your goals into habits. In the process of outlining and drafting this post, I have come across advice that goes against some of the goals I’ve set (IE make goals more specific and less generalized in order to keep them). This means I am trying to achieve all these new goals, actively pay attention to how I am achieving them, and then trying to remember new advice and apply it to said goals. I never feel like it’s that much in the moment but when I look at it on paper (or in type here) I realize that IT’S A LOT.

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On Using RescueTime To Monitor Activity and Increase Productivity

I recently talked about how I use Kanban to stay organized and optimize my productivity flow. Today I want to touch on another really important tool I’ve used to optimize flow and actively work on identifying then overcoming distractions and bad habits: RescueTime.

What is RescueTime? 

RescueTime describes itself as follows:

RescueTime helps you understand where your time is going while working on your computer or mobile device. It lets you keep track of the time you spend in various activities so you can have an accurate idea of where your day goes. Understanding your time allows you to take control of it, and find a balance that works for you.

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On Using Personal Kanban to Organize Your Work (and Life!)

There are many types of productivity methods and resources for how to use them.  I’ll touch on others another day but for now I want to talk about the most basic productivity/organization method I use: Personal Kanban.

I first discovered Kanban two years ago while attending a Philadelphia Self Quantifiers meetup at The Action Mill. The first thing I noticed when I stepped foot into The Action Mill was tons of sticky notes of all different colors covering every wall, separated by tape in varying ways. I was immediately drawn in and asked what this was all about. I was given a quick explanation and told to check out the Personal Kanban Webinar on their blog.

From that point on Personal Kanban completed changed my life, both at work and at home. I’ve talked about this ad nauseam to friends, colleagues, random folks who stop by my office and ask what the heck the tape monstrosity on the wall is, and even did a presentation on Kanban during a job interview (I didn’t get the position but I did make a good impression on some folks there). And now I want to share this knowledge with you!

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Beginning my journey to use social media positively and productively

Welcome! As with all new blogs the first entry is somewhat daunting and stressful to begin but here we are. This blog has been in the works for a few months now but I wanted to really have a vision before making it public so I could effectively share my story with you all.

In a nutshell, this blog will be about my personal journey to cut the negative impacts of social media from my life and learn to not only be less addicted to social media but to use it in a positive and productive manner as well. This journey started just over two months ago and has been interesting to say the very least.

A brief outline of this blog post and a few future blog posts to come so you know what to expect:

  1. Beginning my journey to use social media more positively and productively, the beginning of my social media detox experiment.
  2. Personal Kanban: How using a personal kanban changed my life and productivity, and how it can change yours.
  3. RescueTime: A look at productivity pre- and post-social media detox.
  4. Quantified Self (QS): A look into my discovery of QS and my first year of using QS to positively influence my habits.
  5. Positivity: Acknowledging the negative effects of social media and actively avoiding them.

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